Keeping up with home repairs is essential wherever they occur because small problems can quickly become big, and expensive, ones, if you let them. This is why you should take foundation wall and crack repair seriously. But one area where this is more important than ever is your foundation. Think about it, the entire property is built on them, if they move or sink, the result can lead to damage everywhere, and the potential for huge repair bills over time.

One of the more common issues you will encounter is cracks in the foundation wall or other structural issues. A crack can form in several ways, whether that be from temperature variations, defects in the materials used, or the settlement that can happen to a new property in the first few months after it has been built. However, seeing a crack doesn’t necessarily mean you have a major problem, cracks can appear for a number of reasons, and not all mean imminent disaster. This is why it is important to have a professional waterproofing company, like 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement, evaluate your individual situation and advise what the best course of action is. The sooner you get this evaluation, the better, because if ignored a small issue can become a bigger and more expensive issue

However, with structural foundation problems potentially causing major damage to the property, it is crucial that those genuine issues are spotted and dealt with as quickly as possible. To be able to deal with such problems quickly, it’s important to know what you are looking at, so when you do an inspection, here is what you need to look out for. 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement are experts in the foundation wall and crack repair.

Spotting foundation crack problems early

There are, broadly, two types of cracks that may appear in your foundation, structural and nonstructural. They are very different things, one is superficial, and while needing fixing, does not present a significant problem. The other, structural cracks, have an impact on the stability of the property and lead to significant issues for the safety and integrity of the home. With years of experience and expert training, our team can help with your foundation wall and crack repair issues. Spotting cracks early and having them repaired by a professional company is an important part of moisture control in your basement.

Nonstructural foundation cracks

A nonstructural crack will be narrow, heading vertically or diagonally through the wall. They commonly occur near structural openings such as doors and windows and can be caused by constant changes in temperature or humidity, exposure to moisture, and even age if the wall surface has been there a while.

These kinds of cracks are relatively simple to repair, and fixes tend to last a long time. While they do need fixing, they are not creating a danger to the home, unless the water is seeping or leaking through, as this can promote mold growth, damaging your furnishings/belongings, and should be dealt with immediately.

Structural foundation cracks

A structural crack will look different, usually wider, around an eighth of an inch or more, than a nonstructural one, and grow over time. They can include stair-stepping cracks, cracks directly in foundation beams or slabs, and vertical cracks that are wider at one end than the other.
These types of cracks risk the structural integrity of your foundation, and with it the home itself. Fixing these is urgent, and you should ensure that something is done as quickly as possible. Not doing so ensures further issues and a bigger bill as a result.
If you suspect you have a serious issue please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can evaluate your foundation and properly assess your foundation, it may not be as bad as you think. Having us evaluate your foundation provides peace of mind knowing what your issue is, don’t stress not knowing.

Nonstructural foundation crack repair

A nonstructural crack can be repaired in a number of ways and professional help delivers the best, long-lasting result. The most common approach is to use a liquid injection or paste application of an elastomeric compound. This fills the gap and cures to a smooth, flexible finish that can be easily painted over with latex paint should you wish. This is not as easy as it sounds, the proper products along with years of experience ensure that the job is done right. 20,000 Leaks Under the Basement are experts in Basement Waterproofing.

The main purpose of this type of repair is to prevent water ingress through the crack, which results in water damage and the potential for mold and fungus growth in the basement leading to a range of problems you will need to remedy.

Structural crack repair foundation walls

If you have a structural crack in your foundation walls, not only is a fix urgent but a foundation crack repair like this should only be carried out by a qualified basement and foundation repair contractor. Here, the object is not just to plug the gap and prevent water ingression as with the nonstructural repair, but to bond, the two sides of the crack together again to prevent further movement.

There are several approaches to structural foundation crack repairs, with the most common being the low-pressure crack injection approach. Here, injection ports are inserted into the crack every six inches or so, and they are then bonded to the foundation structure using high-strength epoxy. The crack opening is then sealed with epoxy to keep the bonding agent within the gap, leaving only the injection port on show.
At this point, a urethane or epoxy-type bonding agent is injected into the lowest injection port. This is done slowly and at low pressure, and as each port is filled completely, the contractor will move along the crack until they reach the top and the crack is entirely filled with the bonding agent. After a 48-hour curing period, the sealing epoxy is removed, and the ports removed to leave a solid, hard-bonded repair for the foundation crack.

Again, this is a process that should be carried out only by qualified basement and foundation repair specialists, and should never be attempted as a DIY project. 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement are foundation wall and crack repair experts with years of experience.
Identifying foundation cracks and repair needs

While there are marked differences between the structural and nonstructural cracks that may appear in your foundation, it can be difficult to know which you have. If you are uncertain about a crack you have found, and are worried it could be a structural issue, talk to our experts and ask them to take a look. We will quickly let you know what the problem is, and offer the advice you need to make sure your foundation issues are dealt with quickly and cost-effectively.

We offer a range of solutions for foundation crack repair for your home, and our knowledgeable team will advise on the best course of action for any issue you find, ensuring your peace of mind in every situation. Our foundation wall and crack repair experts are here to help.

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