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Basement Waterproofing, Experienced Troubleshooters for over 25 Years

20000 Leaks Under the Basement a locally owned and operated Basement Waterproofing contractor has been providing waterproofing solutions for more than 25 years. Our foundation drainage experts learned the waterproofing business from the ground up, selling waterproofing products for a local distributor. This was a great training ground to learn the specific application of products required to waterproof basements and laid the foundation of our business. Product seminars were attended, troubleshooting techniques were discussed, and many hours were spent studying product specification sheets.

About Us 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement

Coming from an engineering family the next step was to apply what was learned and work in the industry, mastering Basement Waterproofing techniques. Plenty of on-the-job training took place during this time including but not limited to the installation of interior subgrade systems and the application of exterior impermeable membranes. This soon led to the formation of the business, 20000 Leaks Under the Basement, a play on the name of a science fiction novel about a captain and his submarine. Our company name speaks to what we do, and that is simply supply the best Basement Waterproofing solutions to manage basement leaks. Our trained experts can solve any waterproofing issue you may have and we promise we will get to the bottom of why your basement is leaking. Therefore, please remember “There’s only one Captain of the Ship when it comes to Basement Waterproofing!” 20000 Leaks Under the Basement.

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