Foundation Wall and Crack Repair

Foundation Wall and Crack Repair

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Foundation Wall and Crack Repair

Foundation wall cracks are either vertical, horizontal or stair step, which follow the line of the CMU block. Vertical cracks can occur when the concrete shrinks or when the soil surrounding the foundation wall settles. These cracks can leak and allow substantial amounts of water to enter your basement. In order to stop the leak, vertical cracks should be repaired immediately. Our three part repair process includes a hydrophobic or water repelling high strength mortar and drainage board. Polydrain an air-gap drainage mat or an extruded plastic resin sheet, Polywall is then pinned over the mortared crack for extra protection. The drainage mat is also positioned at the cove joint over the graveled trench and up the wall to prevent any water seepage. Finally the trench area is sealed with a concrete cap.

Another Waterproofing method for poured wall cracks is polyurethane resin injections. The crack is first routed or saw-cut to clean and make sound. The injection ports are then installed in measured intervals along the full length of the crack. The crack is mortared with hydrophobic mortar and the ports are injected with a professional grade polyurethane resin, such as one manufactured by Sika. This resin expands, fills the wall crack and the hydrophobic mortar further prevents any water leakage.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement

CMU block walls are prone to horizontal cracks or stair step cracks. They occur at mortar joints due to mortar shrinkage, soil pressure or construction defects. These type of cracks also admit water and and should be evaluated by a 20000 Leaks foundation specialist to determine if structural repairs are necessary. If the foundation walls appear structurally sound and are only admitting water the same three part process used for vertical cracks can be used to stop the leak.

Wall cracks can also be repaired from the exterior and the 20000 Leaks inspection team will decide if this is best option to stop the leak. As with any exterior Waterproofing solution, Ms. Utility should be contacted to mark the buried utility lines before digging. The area surrounding the foundation crack is excavated to expose the wall. The wall is cleaned and the crack is mortared with quick-drying hydrophobic mortar. Once the mortar is dry the Blueskin primer is applied and the impermeable, self-adhering Blueskin membrane is installed over the crack. The membrane is then protected with a non-tearing drainboard before backfilling and tamping the area.

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