Sump Pump Installation Edgewater

Sump Pump Installation Edgewater

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Sump Pump Installation Edgewater:

Electric Submersible Pumps

Sump pumps are an integral part to any Basement Waterproofing system. They transport the groundwater collected by the interior subgrade drainage system to the exterior of the home. They are also necessary for stairwell drains, egress windows and crawl spaces. Sump pumps are installed in a basin which collects the groundwater or rainwater. Once the water reaches the preset level the float switch activates the impeller which through its spinning action forces the water out the discharge line.

At 20000 Leaks Under the Basement, we install Zoeller cast iron sump pumps. They come in 3/10 HP or 1/2 HP models. The 3/10 HP model is normally sufficient for most Basement Waterproofing installations as they can pump up to 43 gallons per minute. They are coated with corrosion-resistant epoxy paint and come with a 3-year factory warranty. Our discharge lines include a check valve, which prevents backward flow and are always core drilled set and sealed through the foundation wall. Discharge lines are either 1-½” or 2” depending upon the HP of the sump pump. The discharge lines upon exiting the home are directed away from the foundation wall.

Sump Pump Installation 20,000 Leaks Under The Basement

Backup Sump Pumps

Many homeowners want the peace of mind a backup sump pump provides when their Basement Waterproofing system is installed. There are two backup options available, battery and centrifugal or water-powered. Centrifugal backups can only be used in homes using municipal water. Both pump types are available from Zoeller and come with a 3-year factory warranty, battery excluded. The backup pumps are installed in the same basin with the primary sump pump and are activated/engaged during power outages. The trained installers at 20000 Leaks Under the Basement are well-versed in installing either model and your estimator can provide the best solution for you at a reasonable price.

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